August 19, 2010

Indian Architecture : Contemporary blends with Traditional

Devigarh Palace Heritage Hotel, Udaipur, India
The warmth of color, the elegance of the Maharajas, their lifestyle beautifully crafted by Rajiv Saini, a mumbai based architect and interior designer. An experience of a lifetime!
The Devi garh Fort
Traditional Rajput palace meets contemporary minimalism. Like the secret gateway to Narnia, and just as magical, this gloriously shabby 18th century fort-palace - still imposingly grand with its dusty rampart of domes, turrets and balconies - reveals an inverse interior that is gleaming, sleekly minimalist and quite breath-taking. 
Low seating dining
Palace Suite
Garden Suite
The Bar
Green Tile Hot pool
The Hot pool decorated at private events
Private Dining at an open terrace
Bed room
Suite Pool
Flashes of colour - walls sparkle with semi-precious inlaid stones, swathes of bright silk are draped over windows - highlight the elegant suites spread over the 14 floors of Devi Garh. This indeed is one of my dream holiday destination!
Architect Rajiv Saini based in Mumba, almost did magic with this place! To view more of his work visit

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