October 16, 2014

Its the Pumpkin Month!


Its That time of the year...
Crisp cold air around....festivities in the air...homes being decorated..dinners being planned.
Although i love the orange pumpkins...find them adorable when its fall!!but since now you can spray paint just about any color on a pumpkin we had to try simple black this year.
This one i tried with my toddler who actually stuck these letters on!Try it with your kids and let us know how it goes....

SO heres the how to...........
Make a Chalkboard Word Find Pumpkin


pumpkin or (even a faux pumpkin would work)

chalkboard paint



Step 1: Paint the pumpkin

Paint the pumpkin with chalkboard paint.
I used two coats.
Then prime the chalkboard paint with chalk

Step 2: Draw circular lines on the pumpkin with chalk

This is the guide for where your letters go.
If you get the lines too close….just erase the chalk lines and start again.

 Step 3: Decide what words you want to put in your word find

I used:


(okay….you get the picture)

 Step 4: Line up the words

Just place the words where you want them to go.
Here’s trick and treat.
Use the lines as your guide.
After all your words are placed….fill in the rest with extra letters.

Then erase the chalk lines.

We had fun with letters this season!Learnt B...O...O!
Am loving our letter pumpkin....kiddo learns a new letter each time we pass through the front porch!!

Let us know how your pumpkins are coming along?

October 2, 2014


Fashion inspirations: for interiors

Lately we have been drawing a lot of inspiration from creatively styled fashion shoots and images for our line-up of photoshoots.Ones which are influenced by India.The colors,textures,the locations,jewery-all put together for a perfectly styled room.

Look at these images...they do it oo soo perfectly!

Does fashion-textile-interiors all intermingle for you?

image credits: (pinterest,city sage)
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