December 1, 2011

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November 7, 2011

TGE Sale!

Have you ever ever tried the age old craft of hand block printing yourself? It's so much fun! All you need is acrylic paint (Tempra paint works just fine) and a couple of these stamps. The possibilities are unlimited, you can use them on almost every imaginable surface! These hand carved wood blocks have been our bestsellers so far, so well guess what, we decided to make them easily available for all of you and not just wholesale buyers :) Yes that's true! You can now buy the following designs off our shop here.

'Like' us on facebook if you haven't as yet and get them for $8.99 instead of $10.99 AND 'Share' to get a further $1 discount. So you can purchase these for as low as $7.99!! These make for those unique gift ideas well within budget that you might have been looking for Christmas this year. Hurry, our stock is limited right now and we know we are going to run out very soon :)

October 31, 2011

Get Dip Print Create. Taking orders now!

Started Holiday Shopping yet? Here's an idea for a start if you are looking for something different, something creative and something that'll put your gift apart from all others! 'Snowflakes'- Our brand new block printing blocks collection. We love it and we are as sure that you too will! Take a look...


Some cool ideas:
- Block print using contrast colors on newsprint paper to make cool gift wrappers
- Use them as ornaments to decorate Christmas trees
- Gift them in a cute little paper bag made by you using similar blocks
- Make your own cool greeting cards
- Just have fun :)

Do share your creativity with us! We would love to see our blocks at work under your creative hands :)

We are taking orders on these blocks now! Hurry and order soon to receive it in time for the holiday season. And as a special offer, for a limited time only, we are giving these away for $8 a piece for a set of 4 blocks.

How to order?
1. Chose your block designs if you want more or less than 4. 
2. Email us the design numbers which is written under each image along with the number of pieces you want at
3. Mention method of payment and associated details.
4. Receive confirmation receipt from us and voila you're done!

In a short little few days you will be able to get dip print and create! 

Call us if you have any doubts, questions, suggestions or just want to chat :) 
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October 7, 2011

Mark your calenders!

Join us @ Mingei International Museum

Family Sunday

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Noon - 4 pm

Location: Balboa Park
Tassels, Family Sunday’s colorful cloth horse mascot from India
Tassels, Family Sunday’s colorful cloth horse mascot from India 
On the third Sunday of each month children and families can explore the Museum’s colorful exhibitions of folk art, craft and design, win a prize for completing a treasure hunt and participate in other activities such as storytelling and hands-on crafts.
This Family Sunday, participate in block printing with our very own Amisha. Block printing is an ancient craft from India. We will be making our own blocks and dyes from some vegetables and spices in addition to working with traditional wooden block printing blocks.

In addition, at 2pm join us for the screening of films from The Soul Of Mexico, a series on the history of Mexico, produced by filmmaker, author and historian Hector Tajonar.
Film schedule
July 17 — The Dawn of Mesoamerica
August 21 — Landscape of Pyramids
September 18 — The Lords of the Sun
October 16 — From Conquest to Revolution
November 20 — Living Heritage
Special Family Sunday admission, from noon to 4 pm:
$5/family; $3/individual
Information: 619-239-0003

Come over--we would love to meet y'all!

September 23, 2011

Ek Karkhana

“ek karkhana nariyal ke jhaad ke paas” (one workshop near a coconut tree) is the address of this workshop inhabited by three young designers and their team of karigars (artisans) inspired by Travel, Movies, Art, Indian crafts and textiles, people from various walks of life and their inspiring stories. Each honing on their individual design strengths, these friends cum colleagues work together towards a passion they all equally share.

As much as an old school like me is now coming to think of social media as more of a waste of valuable time than a boon really, it  manages to prove me wrong each time i come across some eye catching works of art like these. It's made getting in touch with like minded people and to explore endless possibilities of collaboration or otherwise so easy! Just as one of my fellow bloggers - Kavita  of Indian by Design puts it so aptly "Social networking has created opportunities for creative businesses to get in touch with their audience more intimately and immediately than ever before. It has also created a surfeit of businesses of varying quality. But many do shine through." 

Ek Karkhana is one such facebook discoveries i made a few days ago. Their work i feel is so stylistically simple and contemporary that your eyes cannot escape but without giving a second glance. The colorful medley and use of simple patterns is a reflection of the rich Indian culture that inspires their work strongly. Yet it's so appropriately intervened with a strong sense of modern design that unlike many Indian craft styles, it looks nothing close to chaotic, overdone or overwhelming. It's simple, light, fun and very creative! Fishes, Peacocks, Parrots, Lotuses, Beetle Leaves - are all commonly used motifs that primarily dominate Indian craft styles, but few have i come across that have been used so modestly and beautifully! 
Do browse through their products below or here and tell us - isn't their work quite a visual treat?

August 17, 2011

We're back!

As you all know, we have been ranting and raving about the California Gift Show all this while, and now that we are back and settling in by the day, it's time to do what we love! Blog! About it!

Well, to begin with - it was our first time and am happy to say we did GOOD!! :)

The experience has been indescribable! As first timers, there was a whole lot anxiety filled with a world full of unknowns and how to's regarding every single thing we used to put it altogether. The result though turned out to be pretty satisfactory. We got some really encouraging comments from buyers and passer by's to back up the feeling :)

We'd like to thank all the co-vendors and friends who have kindly guided and warmly supported us!

Chrishan G Rama and Nina from booth across of Sumi Tara Global Inc :)
Farinaz Wadia of Indikaimports
Yasin Savaijiwala of Saudagiri Printer
Shaila of Natural Haibtat
Renee Bowers of Fair Trade Federation
Anke Michele Stobrava of Cielito Lindo Estudio
Manish Gupta of Handmade Expressions
Elaine Balok of The Gift Connection
Eric Clark of Eangee Home Design

and many more... Thank you all!

Leaving you guys with some pictures of our booth... have many more stories to share, so do check in again soon!

TGE's block printing demo
Our 'make n take' table
With friends and Buyers
TGE and Craftmark
Room with a View
Beautiful Longpi Pottery
December Design Studio and Other Journals
Dwaraka and Dastakar
Longpi Pottery Tea Pots

July 10, 2011

Beyond beauty : Karmasuthra Jewelry

If you love unusual jewelry that are one of a kind, then Karmasuthra creations are sure to satiate your appetite.Karma Suthra is an eclectic blend of fun, spirituality and vivacity strong together in jewelry.

From time immemorial, India has been well known for it's ancient and rich tradition of jewelry making. Beautifully crafted jewelry worn by everyone, from the Maharajas to the village folk. It is this intrinsic essence of beauty that is captured in the new, timeless, modern design of Karma Suthra jewelry.

Divya Thomas creates one of a kind pieces, using beads and baubles she's collected on her Jamey's to marinas parts of the world. Divya's keen eye for detail and ingenuity create exquisite jewelry. Each individual piece embraces positive vibes which brings peace and happiness to the wearer. 

Divya skilfully combines sterling and pewter with rare and exquisite finds of woods, based and semi precious stones merging the senses and family individual pieces or refined art.I will leave you with pictures...

I had to stop at that! if you want to see more pictures look Karmasuthra Jewelry on Facebook or and be floored!!!!!!!!!

July 8, 2011

Block printing:the journey

Its less than 15 days for the fair now!!Travel with us!!

From the roof of the mansion comes the rhythmic sound of clinking metal. Abshar Husain, fondly known as “Bhaijan” a wood block carver, sits on the stone floor with a small hammer and delicate chisel. With each tap, he carves part of the outline of a flower into a block of teak.
Wood carving is one step in the Indian tradition of hand-block printing, which for centuries has adorned royal robes, religious cloths and flowing skirts. Bhuj is a minefield of artisans and craftsmen. Bhaijan, 50, began learning the craft from his father when he was 8. His grandfather was also a wood block carver. It takes him 10 days to carve a large and intricate floral block.
Photo credit: Craftmark
.Your browser may not support display of this image.
Bhaijan with his son Asif and nephew Aman-creating blocks
And then the process of making pigment paints for block printing process, along with the final version of printing on fabric. Pigment dyes are mixed with kerosene and a The consistency should be just right, for if it is too thick it will give a raised We are lead to this block printing space, with its apricot-colored walls and carved windows, this small workspace creates.
Your browser may not support display of this image. Your browser may not support display of this image.
“Bhaijan” talks continuously while working from his rack of colors and blocks. On the upper most shelves are trays of dye, below which are the printing blocks. These blocks are then dipped in dye and imprinted onto the fabric from left to right. A point on the block serves as a guide for the repeat impression. This technique continues in layers if there are multiple colors to complete the design. He showed us a fabric that had 14 layers of block printed paints, a complicated printing and dyeing technique similar to the one used in Ajrakh, in the western Indian state of Gujarat. 

Your browser may not support display of this image.
We learnt that in the village of Bhagru, patterns traditionally denoted marital status and caste. For example, gardeners wore cloth patterned with flowers, widows could not wear a dagger pattern and middle-aged women wore marigold patterns. Vaishali, our Craftmark manager tries her hand with Bhagru Black-paint derived by mixing acidic solution of iron - often rusted nails/horse shoes etc. with jaggery (country sugar) allowed to rot for about 10-15 days.The first try gets the approval from Bhaijan to continue!!!!
Upstairs the clinking continued…His sons are learning this tradition…. 

We would like to thank the Craftmark team for all the travels and effort they are making to bring us these wonderful products. If anyone is interested in traveling to see and meet"Bhaijan" at work let us know!

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