October 26, 2010

American Festive Feature : Halloween

HALLOWEEN is just around the corner! For all of you who havn;t carved their pumpkins yet nows actually the best time--just a few days before THE day!

Halloween may be approaching, but that doesn't mean your pumpkins have to put on scary faces. This year, try taking your creative cues from more sophisticated fare : Borrow inspiration from patterns in your home, favorite clothing, and, naturally, the outdoors, for a decorative and somewhat unexpected approach to pumpkin carving.

Here, Country Living contributing editor Christina Lane adapted patterns from china, furniture, and more to create works of art that use a pumpkin as a canvas. Employing linoleum-cutting tools to scrape the surface, rather than cutting all the way through with a knife, is not only easier to do, but when the pumpkin is illuminated, a subtle glow adds to the elegant artistry.

And then because its already fall, these ones are good for any fall decor too!!!

and here's one which can be used for filling up ice or any beverage of your choice.
Keep looking for more design ideas for the festive season. This is just the beginning @ TGE !!!
I would love to see how you have decorated yours--share a picture!!!

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