February 21, 2011

Illustrator Dante Terzigni

I bumped into this beautiful etsy shop the other day; its shelves stacked up with 26 odd fresh, original illustrations and surface design prints. Amazingly subtle and bold at the same time.
Dante Terzigni's influences stem from nature, photography, music, modern architecture & artists too numerous to mention. He is an illustrator/designer who currently lives and works out of Cleveland, Ohio. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2003, Dante began working full time as an in-studio illustrator/designer at the American Greetings Corporation. Dante has since done editorial, stationery, advertising, social expression, and design work for a wide variety of national & international clients. The best part is that he sells these prints on acid free, 100% cotton fiber paper on his etsy shop :)
I particularly like the way he creatively uses subdued surreal pastel shades, in interesting translucent textures for the background of most of his works. It brings to attention the main subject of the painting so easily. It's simple, readable, colorful, textured and storied art all at the same time. It's almost relieving and refreshing to see easily understandable art amidst a chaos of so many contemporary works these days, where the observer can seldom understand the message (if any) behind the art work. But having said that, in the end, art is art and it is beautiful no matter what format. Right?
Presenting some of Dante's illustrations picked from his website
Tree Huggers
Information Overload
Carnival, Trick or Treat
Six Pack Abs

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