May 16, 2011


Dear Friends,
Our own cute little Green Elephant is getting even cuter now :) more fun, more colorful - just like our products! This, even cuter logo is designed by my friend and a graphic designer Prateeksha Khatri [psst! she is single, smart and beautiful too ;)]She is currently based out of New York and has worked for brands like Steve Madden, Aeropostale, Banana Republic etc. Prateeksha has done her Masters in Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design with current focus on the web/e-commerce. 

Prats - We love it! Thanks a bunch once again!


Leaving you all with some clues to our next piece of news, which we'l break very soon too!
The Green Elephant is coming to town, 
To break the ice on the ground.
This time,
Los Angeles they said, the city is called
Beautiful, Stylish as we know it all.

Loads of colorful stories and gifts it’s got 
Sent with love from the Earth & Hands a lot.

The Elephant's dressing up for you all
Getting shiny, new and tidy overall

Hey , hey
Old friends and new, to know more about this clue,
Do come and visit us again soon!

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