October 31, 2011

Get Dip Print Create. Taking orders now!

Started Holiday Shopping yet? Here's an idea for a start if you are looking for something different, something creative and something that'll put your gift apart from all others! 'Snowflakes'- Our brand new block printing blocks collection. We love it and we are as sure that you too will! Take a look...


Some cool ideas:
- Block print using contrast colors on newsprint paper to make cool gift wrappers
- Use them as ornaments to decorate Christmas trees
- Gift them in a cute little paper bag made by you using similar blocks
- Make your own cool greeting cards
- Just have fun :)

Do share your creativity with us! We would love to see our blocks at work under your creative hands :)

We are taking orders on these blocks now! Hurry and order soon to receive it in time for the holiday season. And as a special offer, for a limited time only, we are giving these away for $8 a piece for a set of 4 blocks.

How to order?
1. Chose your block designs if you want more or less than 4. 
2. Email us the design numbers which is written under each image along with the number of pieces you want at info@thegreenelephantdesigns.com
3. Mention method of payment and associated details.
4. Receive confirmation receipt from us and voila you're done!

In a short little few days you will be able to get dip print and create! 

Call us if you have any doubts, questions, suggestions or just want to chat :) 
Photo Credits: www.colouricious.com

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