February 29, 2012

Romancing with Silver

'Lai' in French: 
a lyrical, narrative poem written in octosyllabic couplets that often deals with tales of adventure and romance and it's Sanskrit translation is the 'beloved one'. Together they quite comprehend what Puja Bhargava Kamath's silver jewelry stands for - 'a romance with silver, traditional crafts and the Indian culture!'

Puja's jewelry line is a result of several years of work experience in the craft sector, serving and designing accessories for various national and international bodies. Having come across jewelry design; discovering and falling in love with some beautiful craftsmanship during these excursions to remote clusters, Puja has ventured on to design her own line of jewelry. Her brand 'Lai' came about just a few months ago and has already caught attention of several design and craft lovers. A graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, India, Puja's design approach towards each motif or design she choses to develop and contemporise, is purely research and information based. Her jewelry pieces are an interpretation of Indian themes rendered in contemporary designs. Themes such as paisley motif, design details from old Palaces and Havelis (private mansions) etc. each of which is backed by a strong history and most likely a story in the Indian culture. 

"We like to think of our designs as having a strong personality, an Indian soul & a global spirit. Lai is contemporary, classic, chic, unique ...with a touch of fun!" - you'll agree i think.

Puja works with artisans from different parts of India leveraging the several traditional jewelry making techniques thereby ensuring the continuity of the age old traditional craft skills. Each of her jewelry pieces is handmade, which makes it so unique.

Like we at The Green Elephant believe, these artisans need encouragement to continue doing the crafts they do, to be able to comfortably survive and support their families. The support comes from urban dwellers like us and from talented designers like Puja, who catalyze the outreach and are working towards making this happen. The best part, Lai subscribes to the principles of Fair Trade which, amongst other things, means that the craftsmen work under respectable conditions, are adequately reimbursed for their labor & an overall transparent pricing policy is followed. Kudos Puja!

        Plain Gorgeous!
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puja said...

This is such a wonderful surprise, Amisha!! Such a lovely & beautifully written post......thanks a ton! :)

The Green Elephant said...

Sure! Glad you like it :)

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