April 11, 2014

Pattern Play: Scarves

We have been away for a while now....preparing...thinking...rethinking...
But finally we are back-with new products..new ideas...and new events this season..
Our first blog this season begins with a photo shoot for the season..

Its finally Spring time here in Florida!Time for the outdoors..... Here;s a glimpse of what we are upto....

There is this stunning tree that we had in mind for quite a while now for a photo shoot-so as soon as our products came in we were on our way..a camera in one hand and all our scarves in the other!


 Setting up...you can see some of  the colors that have come in for our scarves...from blacks and reds to the spring oranges and pinks.

 Our little helper!

Our first shot for the season..what do you say?


The Tree offers its own lines and patterns for our new prints..

And then finally the colors of spring ..the pinks..rusty reds..oranges...tangerines....Which colors do you like the best???

If you like any particular color, shoot us a line--helps us figure out what you guys like!!

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