May 23, 2014

Design speaks: 5 creative ways to use wallpaper

I had never really worked with wallpaper before-ever. For awhile, I thought it was just for old people, but that’s definitely not the case anymore.There are so many modern wallpapers out there.
I use them for customers walls all the time but I’m still too intimidated to try wallpapering a whole wall myself. That being said, I think I’d like to try dipping my toe into wallpapering--but maybe on a smaller scale. So I’ve pulled together 5 creative ways to use wallpaper! All of these projects seem pretty managable.

1) Create a stunning headboard
For a complex headboard like this intricate patterns would work best.

2)Beautify a drawer or side of a drawer
Use wallpaper in a subtle manner...line the inside or just the sides of a dresser drawer.

3)Upgrade plain old glass vases

Normal paper is too thin..wallpaper just does it..its the right thickness--waterproof for planters & vases.

4) Table topper
Make over a hand-me-down side table with decoupage. Paint the table with two coats of metallic paint and a coat of metallic glaze for extra shimmer. Let dry. Cut a scrap of wallpaper to fit the top. Coat the table with decoupage glue, position the paper, and cover it with several layers of decoupage glue. (Allow each coat to dry before applying the next.) Finish the top with a spray sealant.

5)Makeover: A small wall or an entire room...try using bold patterns to spruce up your space.
Wallpapers now come in textured finishes tone on tone or bold modern patterns.

Adding wallpaper gives an instant character to a home.Am loving Philip Jeffries and Thibaut right now!Have any queries on where to source these pretty products...Let us know and we can always direct you...

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