January 1, 2011


I am sooo late with the wishes people, apologies!! Had hoped to put up the final product and wish you all in style :) But well, since that hasn't happened yet i'll go ahead and wish you guys with a small preview for now. Putting up the unfinished versions of the cards i made this year for all family and friends. The designs are inspired from the works of lithographer Sanna Annukka but are a hand painted versions of the same. The reprints will be on handmade recycled paper - good way to begin the new year i think! what say?

Wish you all have a thousand reasons to smile this new year and even more to celebrate! 
Lots of love and best wishes from The Green Elephant!
Happy New Year!!!!!

I hope to put up the final versions very soon! 


Mommy Tyme Gifts said...

I love those! They are very appealing with the lines and contrast! Great - no, awesome- work!

The Green Elephant said...

Thank you :)

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