January 3, 2011

What should i say

It's a new beginning... A new Year!
What should i say....

Gaping through space,
I see in frames, the year that past.

An Elephant had marched to tell the world a story...
A story
Of two hands so fine
That make things so precious and one of a kind.
Things so many…
Colorful and bright
It’s hard to decide which one is right!

Stories told from lands known and unknown,
Of people heard and unheard
We all
Thank you the same for hearing out so well.

It's been an amazing journey so far,
Each acknowledgment, a milestone of achievement!
There are yet miles to gomillions of stories to tell
Many more hearts to win and wonderful things to bring.

With a smile, we pop the bubbles this year
And toast
To all the beautiful people out there
To all the new stories and to all the new beginnings!
To old friends and new,


Eiva said...

That's so adorable! Happy New Year to you too!

Rachel said...

That's so cute! Can't wait to see new stuff this year from you guys. All the best!

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