July 10, 2011

Beyond beauty : Karmasuthra Jewelry

If you love unusual jewelry that are one of a kind, then Karmasuthra creations are sure to satiate your appetite.Karma Suthra is an eclectic blend of fun, spirituality and vivacity strong together in jewelry.

From time immemorial, India has been well known for it's ancient and rich tradition of jewelry making. Beautifully crafted jewelry worn by everyone, from the Maharajas to the village folk. It is this intrinsic essence of beauty that is captured in the new, timeless, modern design of Karma Suthra jewelry.

Divya Thomas creates one of a kind pieces, using beads and baubles she's collected on her Jamey's to marinas parts of the world. Divya's keen eye for detail and ingenuity create exquisite jewelry. Each individual piece embraces positive vibes which brings peace and happiness to the wearer. 

Divya skilfully combines sterling and pewter with rare and exquisite finds of woods, based and semi precious stones merging the senses and family individual pieces or refined art.I will leave you with pictures...

I had to stop at that! if you want to see more pictures look Karmasuthra Jewelry on Facebook or www.karmasuthra.com and be floored!!!!!!!!!

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