August 17, 2011

We're back!

As you all know, we have been ranting and raving about the California Gift Show all this while, and now that we are back and settling in by the day, it's time to do what we love! Blog! About it!

Well, to begin with - it was our first time and am happy to say we did GOOD!! :)

The experience has been indescribable! As first timers, there was a whole lot anxiety filled with a world full of unknowns and how to's regarding every single thing we used to put it altogether. The result though turned out to be pretty satisfactory. We got some really encouraging comments from buyers and passer by's to back up the feeling :)

We'd like to thank all the co-vendors and friends who have kindly guided and warmly supported us!

Chrishan G Rama and Nina from booth across of Sumi Tara Global Inc :)
Farinaz Wadia of Indikaimports
Yasin Savaijiwala of Saudagiri Printer
Shaila of Natural Haibtat
Renee Bowers of Fair Trade Federation
Anke Michele Stobrava of Cielito Lindo Estudio
Manish Gupta of Handmade Expressions
Elaine Balok of The Gift Connection
Eric Clark of Eangee Home Design

and many more... Thank you all!

Leaving you guys with some pictures of our booth... have many more stories to share, so do check in again soon!

TGE's block printing demo
Our 'make n take' table
With friends and Buyers
TGE and Craftmark
Room with a View
Beautiful Longpi Pottery
December Design Studio and Other Journals
Dwaraka and Dastakar
Longpi Pottery Tea Pots


Andhra Plate said...

wow very good stuff.Nice to see you again after a long break.I like the wooden tray.

Ambika said...

What a splash of color this blog is, loving it! Awesome products by you folks, I wish you were selling in India! Following you now.

The Green Elephant said...

Thanks Ambika! And yeah i wish India works out soon for us :)

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