May 17, 2012

Color Trends-Spring and Summer!

Its that time of the year again!And we love it here @ TGE..
We are getting charged up for the upcoming fairs in Summer.We are introducing a whole new line of products & accessories.
Its Spring and almost Summer specially here in Florida-and the Highpoint market trend says GO BRIGHT!!

 That is exactly what we have in mind right now-sun-surf-and bright colors..Here's a preview of our new collection!!

 Tangerine and oranges are Absolutely IN!!

And who would not like patterns with textures to it.

Personally i simply Adore these curtains.They come in regular sizes.

This was just a preview!We are also introducing Kids collection!
Keep your eyes wide open-we are going BRIGHT and FRESH this year! You know where to get hold of us now!!Give us a shout if you like these.

1 comment:

Oliver @ Sabi Style said...

Is there anything that can lift ones spirits more than colour!

Hurrah to BRIGHT and FRESH!

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