May 4, 2012

Coppy Cat

I am delighted to present before you  -  Coppy Cat!
Started by Sneha Arora, a design graduate from NIFT, Coppy Cat is a product label launched for the love of story telling through design. With every great design comes a greater inspiration.
They say nothing is original. In this world full of copy cats who love stealing other’s work to call it their own, here comes one who may not be original but 100% authentic.
Inspired by everyday things and people around us, Coppy cat creates products that narrate their stories.

Here's sharing with you a casual rendezvous with Sneha.I will also let the pictures do the talking.
With a studio that inspires!

and a doodle board for inspiration

1.Why the name - Coppy cat(what is behind the name??) :
Truthfully .. i am very fond of stationary.. while in college i had wanted to design notebooks... so had come up with the name copy cat.. 'copy' being the colloquial term for notebooks in our country.. so years later when i thought of starting products.. the Name stayed.... and also the fact that i design from they say nothing in this world is original... We admire a lot of people and their work, and honor them in our designs by using the way their work makes us feel to create our own….. 
2. Please give us a brief bio, where are you from and how did you start work in this field?:
I am basically born and brought up in Kolkata.. i studied Fashion at NIFT after which i moved to Bangalore for 3 years to work with a corporate retail firm, when one fine day.. i decided that retail was not my calling.. and quit my job and came back home to do something that i could relate to better I then started my own line of apparel..... one month into the job my tailor ran away and it took me a while to look for another one... and so as i like to put it... 'while the tailor was away.. the cat came to play'.. in that break i launched my product line....'Coppy Cat'
3. Tell us more about your work, if you do something else professionally besides the product design.- Professionally under my apparel Label i design Dresses for women.
4.How do you promote your work-do you sell anywhere outside of India? We promote our work basically through facebook.... we Ship products anywhere across the globe.... we would start selling through some online sites in UK  and US soon...... and definitely some nice Bloggers like you help us share our work with the world... :)
5.Do you customize your work? 
We Do customize but only for bulk orders..
6. How do you bridge the gap between the business side of designing?
A Million Dollar Question.... Seriously speaking Still learning how to do Business... being designers we get so lost in the design that selling takes a secondary position... have learnt a lot of things in these few months ... waiting to learn more till i can completely balance both.
7. Have you experimented with Eco-friendly materials yet?
Well we have been Recycling materials to make our products.. like the frame artworks are printed on recycled old book paper which otherwise would get thrown away... the lamps are made from recycled alcohol bottles for the hangover to stay with you forever..;)... the notebook covers are made from recycled board... the cushions are made from recycled jute and dusters.... our tags are made from recycled old tea packaging. We are trying to be as Eco friendly as possible.

Talk about love for recycling!

8. What do you do when you are  not designing?
Well when i am not designing either i am running around getting things done , or i am glued to the computer approaching people and learning new things... of lately haven't got time for leisure at all.... its almost been all work and no play..... but i am sure it hasn't made a dull cat..:p

The apparel line speaks for itself!Beautiful summer collection!

Picture credits: Sneha Arora.

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