December 10, 2012

Treasure Trunk at #'The Peaceable Kingdom'

This is our first post in the series 'Treasure Trunk' where we will be featuring small businesses and our partners that carry treasures from around the world including some of our beautiful products!

Today we are featuring 'The Peaceable Kingdom' owned by Joan and Phillip Ritchie, originally two school teachers and now owners of this eclectic store. I distinctly remember the warm smiles they wore each time i bumped into them at New York International Gift Show. Considering the elaborate walks down several never ending isles and physically exhausting nature of these shows, the humble smiles just went to show the bubbliness of the Rithchie's and how much they enjoyed being there, browsing and picking unique items for their cool shop located at Providence, Rochester. 

Here's a little about these lovely owners and their store where you can surely find something unique to gift this holiday season!

Since 1980, the Ritchie family has been collecting, travelling and sharing folk art from around the world. Joan and Phil Ritchie were two school teachers who travelled every summer and collected tribal textiles, masks, statuary and unusual, functional tools to make these things. They decided to open a shop to bring these treasures to others.  The Peaceable Kingdom (named for the American folk artist Edward Hicks'j work) is a place where stories come aline--where art created within cultural traditions transports the viewer to exotic lands.  Talk to a Peruvian curandero (folk healer) by looking into a retablo depicting a  healing ceremony.  Visit a Central Asian woman by admiring the sosani (embroidery) she created to decorate her yurt.  Hear the Sepik River ancestral myth carved into a story boat from Papua, New Guinea.  These and other treasures will delight as they open the world for you.

People seem to have only nice things to say about this store and the owners on yelp.

"Stopping into this shop is like entering a special museum, in the way that a great museum tells stories and engages its visitors."

"A really cool shop full of treasures from around the world.  The prices are very reasonable and the people working there are helpful, nice, and funny!"

"What a great store! Very unique! Lots of handmade, fairtrade items for sale. They are the nicest people. I love going into the store and looking around for hours. This is my go-to place for gifts."

Which of our products can you expect to find at The Peaceable Kingdom?

          Applique Curtains     |     Tea-lights & Block printing blocks     |     Silk Scarves

& more...

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