March 4, 2013

Treasure Trunk at #Terressentials

This is our second post in the series "Treasure Trunk" featuring small businesses and our partners that carry treasures from around the world including some of our products!

Today we feature "Terressentials" owned by James and Diana,life partners and designers. If anyone ever tells you chemicals are necessary to create skin care products, Terressentials proves them wrong. Each and every ingredient in their products is 100% certified organic and is an ingredient the USDA allows in food.

After learning about their journey and looking at their lovely store you would want to hop in and take in just about everything. Its a feast for the eyes and food for the soul!

Here's a little something about their journey and their dazzling store in Frederick, MD.

The Terressentials journey began 20 years ago with Diana's startling diagnosis of lymphatic cancer at age 29.  Their intense search to assemble the pieces of the puzzle that would allow Diana the means to make a recovery from cancer and chemotherapy led them to discover the infestation of cancer-causing chemicals in their home, their foods and in their bodies. This unsettling discovery was the couple's break-through moment that illuminated the necessity of living a clean organic lifestyle. James and Diana's continued scrutiny into household and personal care product labels unearthed a tremendous, urgent need for completely natural, truly organic products to care for their bodies and was the catalyst that fueled the activist work of these original organic pioneers.  
The Girly Table
Love the colors
James and Diana began handcrafting soothing and rich organic personal care products initially for their own use and word quickly spread about the organic authenticity and effectiveness of their delicious organic personal care creations. Over time, the explosive expansion of the internet exposed the dark misleading faux organic labeling practices rampant in the personal care marketplace and sparked a large demand from many organic-minded people for the Terressentials products, and fed the organic growth of the small company.  Today, the Maryland-based company offers their own USDA certified organic handcrafted products to a worldwide audience via the Terressentials web site and through their two company-owned brick and mortar boutiques. 

Animal kingdom-the window display for the season

With their early formal training and careers in the arts and architecture, and their dedication to creating the highest quality certified organic handcrafted personal care products, it was a logical transition for James and Diana to choose to include an exciting array of distinctive organic gourmet chocolates and teas, and the brilliant artistic works of global artisans in their stores. A visit to a Terressentials store dazzles the eye and soothes the body, mind and soul with inspiring displays of beautiful fair trade and fair-made artisan crafts from the farthest corners of the world, and with evocative organic scents, sensations and flavors.  

Terressentials represent the kind of quality, concern and ethical practices all businesses should aspire to. Their website has so much to offer, priceless information, you may spend more time than you had planned.

Here are some of The Green Elephant products you can find at their stores! 
Bags/Jewelry Boxes/Scarves and many more!!


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