March 27, 2013

DIY: Papier Mache Easter Eggs

I came across this unbelievably cute papier mache easter egg DIY on Pinterest and followed through the links to only land on Megans's adorable blog called Not Martha. Megan has put together tons of DIY tutorials of some really useful, cute and fun things. I totally recommend checking it out. 

It would have been really hard to pick and chose one of those DIY's to share with you all but fortunately Easter's just around the corner so well that was easy. Sharing below a series of self explanatory images to hand make some adorable easter eggs for your weekend's Easter party :) 

Step 1: What you'll need.

Step 2: What to do with those materials

Step 3: Inflate the water balloons

Step 4: Apply starch on balloon and layer with white tissue

Step 5: Apply the colored squares while the balloon is still wet

Step 6: Hang dry overnight

Step 7: Next day, deflate the balloon using a pin prick and remove it from the cast. 

Step 8: Woohoooo! It's finally candy stuffing time!

Step 9: Slit the papier mache egg on either side of the opening and stuff with candy carefully. Don't worry we'll seal the slits with left over squares of the colored paper but before that insert a string loop in the egg to make it easy to pull it open. 

Step 1o: Tadaaa! 

You can view the entire tutorial in detail on Megan's blog here. If you end up making these, do share the images with us - we'd love to hear from ya! 

Happy crafting and Happy Easter!

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