June 6, 2013

Dishoom!Preserving memories.

I came across this blog and loved the concept of what Dishoom is doing.
Preserving memories! 

Catch a memory and bake it onto a plate...

Dishoom is a Bombay Cafe in London. They have captured lots of wonderful stories from the original Cafes of Bombay and now are plating them up and sharing them in their cafes in London.

Here's what they have to say:

From the moment we arrive, we accumulate our own layers of stories and experiences, remembered events and remembered emotions. Together, they become our own personal narratives.

But for something so integral, so basic to who we are, memory feels so fleetingly ethereal. The fragrance of a little sponge cake (perhaps Madeleine, perhaps Mawa), the rich salty taste of butter melting on a bun dipped in hot chai, the sounds of a particular street, the soft touch of a companion’s hand, the wistful sweetness of a moment. The utterly unique moment is here, and then it’s gone. And the only trace left behind of its existence is an imperfect imprint on our minds.

How can we preserve this memory? How can we capture a feeling or a sensation, a poignant moment, before it fades like the morning mist?

But sooner or later, for all the love that people have for them, the Irani Cafés may all be gone. Faded away, unnoticed, in the rush.

In our own small way, we thought we could contribute to the capture of memory. We already pay homage to the Irani Cafés through design and food, but we thought we could go further and document and preserve actual recollections. We gathered stories from those who know and love the Irani Cafés – guests at Dishoom, the owners of the remaining cafés, others in Bombay and London.

We then literally baked these stories onto eighty of our plates (at 850C).
New Rule

You can check the stories behind each plate on their blog @ www.platewallah.dishoom.com

Kuddos Dishoom team! Keep sharing...

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