December 15, 2010

Christmas Green Gift Wrapping Ideas by Danny Seo

Finding environmentally-friendly alternatives to wrapping paper, ribbon, gift cards and even the gift itself is not that hard if you get some cool inspirations from Danny Seo. This book of his called Simply Green Giving  is full of ideas that are ecological and truly gorgeous. There are several clever ways to recycle ribbon, cards and paper also from presents people give you. I am putting up some of my favorite ideas here, i hope you'd like them too!
This idea simply uses the brown parcel paper and some colorful electric tape lying around the house wrapped in different permutations and combinations. These tapes are available in green, red, blue, yellow, black, white and gray colors in any local lowes or home depot. Get creative!
Again, use brown wrapping paper or even any tissue paper received with a previous gift bag to wrap the gifts. The ribbons are made of random items lying around the house, like an old belt or the measuring tape, black wire or even wire with light bulbs on them. I thinks its quite cool, we just need to break out of the conventional notions of gift wrapping and see these ideas with fresh new eyes and perception! 
Who uses old cassettes now? My guess is almost no one. So what do you do with those still lying around the house, if any? How about using them for gift wrapping! 
This again is something i wouldn't have thought of myself. Clay pots are available at almost throw away prices and in all shapes and sizes. Quite apt for all small sized gifts. Nice idea eh!
Old globes. What do you think?
Danny has a natural instinct for 'simply green' living and he currently serves as the official Green Living Partner for JCPenney. He promotes eco-friendly living through his television programs, products, magazine columns, his lifestyle lectures and through his books. All these medias reflect an avalanche of the most creative and stylish looking ideas that can be easily incorporated in our daily lives and feel good about doing so. Visit his blog for some simple yet clever to-do ideas. Hope this post inspires you to innovate and be smart with reuse! :)

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