December 2, 2010

Green Design Feature : Eco-Friendly Slippers

Satish and Falguni Gokhale, designers of this classic product and that of many other super creative products run Design Directions. The company recently won the prestigious Business World Design Brilliance Award for Design for the 5th time! This last award is won in the category of BEST DIGITAL DESIGN AWARDS. The company is committed to make sensible designs which not only appeal directly to the customers instincts and aspirations but also are technically sound, easy to manufacture and market. Currently, based out of Pune, they have a promising portfolio that speaks of their work!
Solemates are disposable footwear made from 100% recycled paper. The footwear is ideal for tropical climate. ‘Solemates’ is a good solution to be used in hospitals, clinics, software industries, religious places, meditation and wellness centers, spa’s, aircrafts with longer flying routes, hotels besides just to be used at home. 
Solemates are made from 100% recycled newsprint, Kraft and any other non-laminated paper pulp. It is completely bio-degradable. The manufacturing process is similar to any papier mache manufacturing process. Even the cord and the support tube are made from twisted unbleached Kraft paper.
It has a natural unbleached look. Vertical grooves along the length of the product create an interesting pattern and also help in creating the right stiffness and thereby increases the product performance and life.

An awesome product with very practical usage!

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