December 14, 2010

Upscaling Wreaths Part One

The history behind wreaths dates back thousands of years and much of the symbolism lies with Greek mythology, Roman tradition with the present day usage being focused on Advent and for festive d├ęcor. The circular shape of the wreath is seen as a common symbol of eternity. Wikipedia defines a wreath as an assortment of flowersleavesfruitstwigs and/or various materials that is constructed to resemble a ring.
This section would be a four part series, where i would share interesting ideas to upscale this wreaths this season!
Idea 1 : Butterfly Wreath
One can use old greeting cards, plain card paper in combination with thick magazine covers to make this beautiful wreath. String them on a thing thread and wrap in winding circles around a circle made of wires, flexible wooden branches or around a circle made of cardboard. 
Idea 2 : Wreath made of Rags/Scraps
Take a recycled foam wreath and stick scraps available from old cloth pieces and stick them around the foam body in random order. 
Idea 3 : Wreath made of old newspapers or magazines
This one is the simplest. Just roll a square piece of paper from the vertex to make the cones and from the edge to make the base cylinders. Cut out a wide circle of cardboard and begin pasting the cylinders with any regular glue. Make two layers of the same and place the cones on the top most later. Place a colored paper disc in the center to cover the uneven ends. One can be innovative with this using a combination of colored papers with the plain etc. 

Isn't it cool and simple? It's GREEN too! Try these and flaunt your creativity. Enjoy!

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