March 21, 2011

Artist Feature : Anand Prakash

To begin this week i really need to hear : "What the mind can conceive and believe... it can achieve."
This is what today's artist Anand Prakash believes in.
People who can combine their passions with their daily work are the fortunate ones. Anand is one such fortunate fellow. He creates visually appealing merchandise that is handcrafted from environmentally responsible and sustainable materials. He primarily works with 100% recycled and wood-free handmade paper and this has been his medium by choice since the year 2000.
Anand’z Creation, his entrepreneurial venture as a college student is now Brand “Anand Prakash” an award-winning  designer, creating pieces of art for a global audience.With his wide range of products from bookmarks to pencils to coasters to jewelery, its practically impossible to show you all of them here. But here's presenting a few hot ideas from Anand Prakash. 
Over to him.
Spice range of stationery, recipe books, invitation cards, etc are quintessentially very me. I am a rebel and I love to create the unusual. The mediums I use are varied but simple. The Spice range was designed keeping the food connoisseur in mind as it brings a certain level of ingenuity to the otherwise mundane recipe books and invitations. It simply spices it up.
Bay leaf and cinnamon invite
Spice Paper
Paper with real spices entwined in its fiber, this is a combination of 100% recycled cotton rags with spices and is wood free. Below are a few of the papers, namely, bay-leaf, cardamom, cinnamon and cumin.
Bay leaf paper
Cinnamon paper
“Luxe” is a limited edition of chic and trendy range of stationery, books, invitations and business cards. Each piece is handcrafted from recycled brass metal and is avant garde in its look and feel.

India's very own : rickshaw
feels like a gold leaf bookmark
i believe we have radha-krishna here
To receive a complete product catalog, write to Anand at with the following information : Name, company, address, email and purpose for request of catalog. Also to check out more go to

Have a fun filled week ahead!!

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