March 4, 2011

Love for Terracota : Ochre Crafts

Its friday and to wrap up, we have a visual treat for you from Ochre crafts. Ochre’s vision is to use local craft skills and materials to redesign functional ceramic products that have a wider market. The raw materials used are ceramic clay and glazes (lead free). Nature and Earth are imbibed into all handmade crafts in India including these beautiful clay artifacts. Ochre is a model for sustainable business and employment using natural materials and methods, ours is a call to a green way of living.
Just take a look at the animal kingdom they have created. You will fall in love with it as i did!
the giraffe standing tall
Glazed fish-wall art
Turtle pen stands
I found these the cutest!!!
Ahh! poor donkey... pen stand
and the entire animal kingdom shows up
You have got to check them out on facebook
All images courtesy : Ochre

Special thanks to Swati!

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