March 25, 2011

Auroville Press, Pondicherry

Today's post, i feel speaks for itself for the most part - no elaborate stories, no process descriptions - just the beauty of nature inspired paper products! 
At Auroville Press, Pondicherry, in depth research and years of experimentation has resulted into an amazing collection of bright colorful and fun range of paper products. Their aspiration is to manifest beauty and bring it into many aspects of their daily life. Auroville press works in tandem with local villagers for its various units including a printing and bindery unit that undertakes local, national and international projects. Details of their range of services can be found here

As for today's feature, the hand made paper products include journals, photo albums, table mats, gift tags, invites, gift wraps, photo frames, jewelry etc. All these products are made using vegetal fibres, free from toxic substances and its manufacturing does not require felling of trees! 

Here's a glimpse at some of their product range - explore more here. Enjoy! :)

"Nature contributes lavishly to the making of our products: entire gardens and forests flowers, petals, leaves, grass, pods, etc. combine to adorn and put their living forms and spirit onto the paper, making each item a unique and beautiful creation." Truly, isn't it?

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