September 30, 2010

FOOD is ART!!!! The Geometry of Pasta ~ The Perfect Shape. The Perfect Sauce.

I came across this book while hearing NPR news this evening!and i thought i had to share it with you guys--just cause its different from a normal cookbook...the black and white graphics are different from the all alluring color food pictures...When i think of pasta i don;t tend to think of the graphic shapes that it has...but here in this book “The Geometry of Pasta" pairs over 100 authentic recipes from critically acclaimed chef, Jacob Kenedy, with award-winning designer Caz Hildebrand’s stunning black-and-white designs to reveal the science, history and philosophy behind spectacular pasta dishes from all over Italy.

 Geometric shapes ~ flat black and white graphics ~ And you get the history of various pasta shapes as well as sauce recipes that pair perfectly with its exquisite shape.  A stunning fusion of design and food, The Geometry of Pasta tells you everything you need to know about cooking and eating pasta like an Italian.”

I’ve never unwrapped a book and been so tempted to frame up the dust jacket, but this one is just stunning!For me just the graphics and the thought behind finding 300 odd varieties of pasta shapes is stunning!
and from what i hear.............
 “Plans are underway to launch a series of products inspired by The Geometry of Pasta featuring the distinctive graphic style used in the book, from an i- phone app to kitchenware and a range of pastas and sauces.”

So take a look at some of the pages in the book!As well as a giant chart of pasta shapes!Imagine....i knew only 5 shapes of pasta till now!!!!!You can also check out their video on

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