September 30, 2010

Guest blog : Recycled ideas : Single old socks

I have a pleasant surprise today! We have a guest blogger--Eisha Sarkar writing for us today! Eisha is a journalist by profession and an explorer by nature. when we were talking about our recycled ideas and recycled material products... she came up with a simple brilliant idea--of recycling old socks and using them in a variety of ways... I will let her do the talking now.Do check her blog out at

Socks are a problem. You always buy them in pairs. You've got to get the colour right. And they've got to go with your shoes (and attitude). Misplace one of the pair, and the other gets cast aside, making way for a new pair in the drawer. Age doesn't matter. The twin does. But single old socks can be handy in various ways too. Here's how:

As gloves: Need to take the stuff out of the microwave, use a sock instead of a glove. It works the same way, unless it's your hand you intend to microwave.

As dusters: No, don't spend money on those rags. Use socks instead. Glove them and you can wipe the dirt off any surface you like. Socks are good for furniture, window sills, computer screens, floor spills, handles, and blinds.

As shoe-shiners: Old socks make great shoe polishers. You can also use them to shine the shoe after polishing.

As soap-holders: You don't want a bar of washing soap to just melt away in your hand. A sock will keep the blue off your hands.

As coin-purses: Don't know where to keep all those coins? Well, an old, clean ankle sock will hold them for you. You can also decorate it with sequins and acrylic colours to get your own coin-purse.

As packing material: You're moving and you've run out of bubble wrap for your ceramics and glassware. Fret not. Sock it. Stuff them into your glasses and they'll be just fine.

Wasn't that brilliant? Thanks for a great read and for even better tips Eisha! 

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