September 15, 2010

Holiday Gift Idea 1 : Handmade Paper Mache Coasters and Napkin Rings

There are many of ways to make Paper mache at home and there is nothing like one method is better than the other. It's all about what is convenient to you. The common ingredient in all the different methods obviously is paper. Again, although paper is biodegradable is it really eco-friendly? It comes from Trees, so guess not; unless it is reused. Reused paper... hmmph! Old newspapers is the first thing that'd come to our minds, but how many of us, not living in India still get newspapers delivered at home every morning? Not many i'd guess. The internet's to the rescue these days to take care of ignorance about any darn thing. So then what else is left for us aspirants... scrap wallpaper, dryer lint, all purpose dough, egg cartons, soda n beer n shoe boxes, any boxes, the grocery paper bags etc etc. Well, that is quite a handful of options huh! that's not too bad, all of these are easily procurable. Even if you go to any local grocery store and request them to give you waste stuffing paper or boxes they will be happy to reduce their own work of shredding those few pieces and get a few extra peaceful minutes of life and fresh air :)

Google for different ways to make paper mache, here's a start for yall :

The beautiful coasters and napkin rings in the images above are handmade by an organisation called Sasha. Don't they look really neat? You could make these at home yourselves using bright colors and different patterns. They could make as a wonderful holiday gifts which not only has useful value, are easy on pocket ofcorse but also contain one of the most important ingredients in it - love :)

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Anonymous said...

These are lovely

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