September 12, 2010

Recycle Ideas : I took the Plastiki Pledge

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

So, in essence we need to take action, just wishful thinking does not help make any difference. Reuse all plastic bags, newspapers, old cloth pieces in innovative ways. 
Just a bunch of us out there cannot save the world! People who are already conscious and aware about the problems of plastic and waste, are going to minimize it's use in their daily lives anyway. The issue is with those who still think its anybody's BUT their own responsibility to save the planet. Take initiative and do not hesitate to politely point out to your mother in law if she is wasting water in the kitchen sink while chatting on the phone or to knock on the bathroom door while your husband started dreaming about the sexy lady under a running shower. Point out to a friend who just bought a carton of bottled water, when tap water is perfectly safe. If it isn't to boil it on the regular gas/stove is hundred times more pure and waste proof.  
We intend to put together some re-cycle/re-use ideas here in the coming weeks. It'd be great if you people out there would like to share some of your ideas with the rest of us too and do your bit! 
Visit : to make your pledge!

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