November 19, 2010

Artisan Group Feature - Dwaraka

DWARAKA stands for Development of Weavers And Rural Artisans in Kalamkari Art. This organisation preserves and promotes the work of kalamkari artisans hailing from different villages in Andhra Pradesh. It was a small group of handful of artisans and their families who continued to believe and work to keep this inherited art alive, although all it bought them that time was hunger and poverty. They were overlooked and their art neglected for a long time, until they met this father daughter duo - a blessing in disguise. Anita Reddy and her father Dwaraknath Reddy have extended their hand to these artisans and now its a throbbing organisation of over a 100 artisans. They now have an amazing catalog that consists of scarves, bags, wall panels, gift boxes,  corporate gifts and home furnishings. 

Dwaraka Products are available at TGE. 
Here is a preview of some of its beautiful products!
Shoulder Bags
Clutch Bag
Cushion Covers

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