November 22, 2010

Artisan Group Feature : Kadam

Happy Monday morning people!! ghrrrr... i heaaar youuuu :) well i've bought you some mid morning snack for thought for you to munch on... for the remaining four days we'l do some home accents in our 10 day countdown to Thanks Giving by thanking our artisans!
Today we're presenting Kadam - an NGO
This organisation aims at tackling the problems of uneducated youth migration to urban cities which lead to the problems of Urban Slums, unemployment, rampant violence and street children being a direct fall-out of this migration at the grass root level. The volunteers and professional try to create viable employment opportunities at the village level for the youth and work towards good education conditions for children. They train the artisans to make finished products using natural resources in order to create balance in the environment using technology for the overall economic development. The ngo rolls the profits for the holistic development of the villages and artisans. Bio degradable products for everyday living is what the company is synonym with. 
Sabai grass and date palm leaves are abundant in Orissa and are used to make rope and plaits which are further converted into baskets or covering furniture.

Sabai Grass Products are available at TGE

Moon Basket

Round Basket with Lid

Sabai Oval Basket
Available in set of 3
Other interesting products made by the same organisation using natural Bark Wood
Cheese Platter, Shell Spoons & Fruit Fork

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rachna said...

Awesome work by Kadam

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