November 22, 2010

Artist/Artisan Feature : Pure Ghee Designs

I was just browsing through the list of our eco-friendly product producers and came across Aditi Prakash's work. Amongst all her beautiful work, this innovative squiggly twist given to the Sabai grass basket - the material we spoke about this morning caught my eye first. It's an amazing adaptation of the material that otherwise has been used more conventionally than artistically. I had to but share it with yall! 
Squiggly Sabai Grass 
Basket Close Up
Design Alternate
Aditi has established a research, design and production studio called Pure Ghee Designs that aims to deliver exceptional cultural content and celebrate the Indian design aesthetic. Here is a glimpse of some of her other colorful work. 
Bags made from different cloth types
Coin pouches made of Silk and scraps
 Colorful Mobile Cases
Charms made from scraps
Aditi was shortlisted for the YCE Awards this year by the British Council. She says modestly "Did not expect this! Especially because Pure Ghee Designs (the company) is less than a year old." Well, Aditi, you definitely seem very deserving! :) Loved your work!

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