November 10, 2010

Design Feature: Smart Graphics

We love smart products and we love smart graphics. I came across artist Neil Dantas.A designer based in Mumbai ,his team makes bags and t-shirts with his patented Bus Kya designs... Someone who knows India will relate to these.

His very Mumbai-esque designs really appealed to me. Take a look...
I will let him do the explaining from here :

A tribute to the always 'WONDERFUL' Taj. The tee reads "We've made it WonderfuL"
A visual puzzle combining the image of the iconic bus and the word 'Kya' in Hindi. This design takes bombay's buses as the carriers of the middle class, the unnoticed workers who form the backbone to this city and just anyone & everyone. In colloquial Bombay slang 'Bus-Kya' (hindi) means 'enough' like 'What-ya' (english)

The OM is known as a sacred syllable in the Indian context. & is written in Devanagari & is popularly used everywhere it it's typical Calligraphic style. Thus i felt like creating something that gives it its mystical charecteristics & so came up with this graphic
And then this self explanatory message : Smoking huh!
My browser is playing tricks on me now... so to see more of their work check out 

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