November 9, 2010

Design Feature : Design with a Conscience

To call these products stunning would be an understatement. Let me introduce you to Artecnica : a LA based design company that collaborates with the most established and emerging international designers to create inspiring decorative objects for the living environment. The products are plain beautiful! 
Check em out.

KnoWhere personalized clock.
Write on and affix multiple hands to the 24 hour clock face that designate the time zones of your favorite people and places. A contemporary tool in our communications driven, post-geographic world, KnoWhere makes it possible for far-flung people to think of one another as friends and neighbors. Greenwich Mean Time suddenly sounds a lot nicer! Pre-assembled with five popular zones but interchangeable at wish. 

Oneworld clock

You and Me

Its impossible to share all their products cause they have so many but here you go--one more!

Bottle Stoppers
Cast resin in brilliant colors, these blooming bottle stoppers were conceived to capture and conserve wine, olive oil or simple H2O.
the purple aemilia

the white lily

the yellow orchid
They have a program called Design w/Conscience to manufacture and produce products in accordance with environmentally friendly principles.The designers work alongside the artisans and more so they try to work with recycled materials in a sustainable way. Way to go!!!

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