November 23, 2010

Artisan Group Feature : Kishkinda Trust

Kishkinda Trust promotes banana-plant based handicrafts with women artisans of Anegundi, thus providing them with a means of livelihood. The natural fibre cottage industry was set up in 1999 and has been using locally available banana fibre extracted from the trunk of the banana plant, Shorba grass, river grass and other locally available fibres. It has been a livelihood means for its 205 women since it's inception. TKT emphasizes the utilization of eco friendly materials that are locally available. The banana fiber is utilized as raw material along with other natural fibers to produce wide-ranging products including bags, mats, quilts and decorative fringes. Over the years these products have secured clients from all over India and from abroad. These women artisans have formed a federation comprising of 15 villages. Regular training workshops are conducted in Design and Technical Development assisting them to upgrade their skills and build their capacity. 

Kishkinda products available at TGE...
Banana Fiber Baskets
Banana Fiber Floor Cushions
All of their hand-crafted products provide an independent income for village women. Apart from providing financial support, the federation has played a major role in empowering and transforming these shy women into confident individuals.

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