November 15, 2010

Cork It !

Print Party (based in Tel Aviv) is using cork to make it even cooler than it already is!
Baskets and placements printed in white and blue with NICE patterns and words will update any decor! You have got to love it. :)

Lime green coaster set

Shocking pink Flora coasters

Light Blue flora coasters

Snow Forest placemats for your upcoming christmas

A l'ttle about the material: Rubberized Cork
By itself Cork is amazing, it is natural, light, water resistant, flexible, it has great dimensional stability and is a thermal insulator. Remarkably when combined with rubber we get strength and flexibility of the polymer plus the property of cork. This unique combination has a never-ending potential of applications.
Rubberized Cork Sheets have a deformity of less than 0.1% and the physical stability of the products is excellent. They do not swell, have high tensile strengths and are resistance to the temperature as high as 110 degree Celsius, so it is the perfect material to be made in to kitchen and table ware, and as we found out can be cut into patterns and sewn into three dimensional objects.
The material is pleasant to the touch, and comes only in a combination of light brown (the cork) and black (the rubber) .it is hand printed in a variety of designs and colors, single pull silk-screen is being used to apply water base colors on to the surface.
Pair of "nice" baskets
Snow forest basket
Last but not the least : NICE placemat
 I found them on Etsy... You can also check them out on facebook!

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